We Are Revamping The Restaurant Industry
Changing Meals One Plate At A Time

Our names are Alien & Kaylien and we are VEGAN ALIEN. Through manifestation, Vegan Alien was created to spread awareness of veganism for our friends, family, & community. Alien quit his job & Kayiien dropped out of Art School to pursue Vegan Alien full time. Starting off with small events, then moving on to pop ups traveling throughout the Bay Area for about a year and half.

We built the Vegan Alien brand from the ground up and we were given the opportunity to open up as a restaurant.

The restaurant was doing so well we were fortunate enough to be able to live our dreams out in Belize.

While experiencing Belize, we had the realization that WE were the glue that held the restaurant together. 

 We made the tough decision to close down our Restaurant to focus on giving people the opportunity to own their own business. With our experience & obtained knowledge of starting, builind & owning a business,

we want to help guide others into success by franchising  their own Vegan Alien.

Creating the realities of many others, giving the opportunity for everyone to make their dreams come true.

By revamping the restaurant industry, anyone who is determined and puts in the time and energy can run a successful business. 


Create a legacy of your own, using a brand that has been built & proven for success.

Are you hardworking?
Determined to make something happen?
Tired of the 9-5?
Create your own reality and be your own boss!

Message us now for details on a
franchise opportunity of a lifetime!