Bay Area natives, Edgar & Kayla created Vegan Alien to change perspectives on veganism.

Vegan Alien focuses to strive on accessible & affordable vegan food for all communities.

We love what we do, our love and energy can be tasted through our dishes to provide an unforgettable out of this world experience. Memories only enhance the experience of what you’re eating, which is why we have recreated our favorite childhood non vegan dishes into delicious & astonishing vegan meals, that would leave you wondering if what you just had was vegan!

Crafting and perfecting mom’s recipes, paying attention to the details of flavor, texture & consistency, ensuring it’s the most authentic vegan food made from scratch. 

Leading by example as we strive to be the best versions of ourselves,

big or small, the Alien's would love to cater your next event, party, get together, wedding..anything! We're here to serve you! Love & Light. 💜

- Edgar & Kayla, Vegan Alien 🌱👽💜